What others say…

rbb-imagesRail PR has provided support to the following organisations: RSG, NR, PBL, RFEM, Loram UK, VTWC, GC, LUL, RDG, SRA, and BAE amongst others.

“One of the best PRs in the business.” Christian Wolmar

“You can take a lot of credit for my championing of the supply chain, as you got them on my radar and then introduced me to people so I could hear first-hand about the issues they faced. You were also very influential in creating the conditions for DfT and Virgin to rebuild a relationship that had been fractured by West Coast.” Department for Transport official

“Rupert was hired by Grand Central Railway (GC) at a particularly difficult time for the company… He was instrumental in tackling head-on the PR consequences of this. I would recommend his attitude, skill and experience to any potential employer or customer.” Managing Director, Grand Central

“There’s not a lot of good news in the world of trains, but where there is, you will often find the fingerprints of Rupert Brennan Brown.” Deputy Editor, Independent on Sunday